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Colour a moment by PixieCold

Originality: 4.0 due to the fact that there are numerous amounts of detached eyes around. But I do love the use of color and the way you seem to have made an outline around the streaking and the pops of white doodle-like details.

Technique: 5.0 for me. I can only guess as to how you accomplished the white swirls and finer detailing and use of highlights in the reflection of the iris/pupil. The splatters draw the audience's eye around quite nicely, starting from the middle of the pupil and working out clock-wise with the use of blue tones. Even your highlights on the eyelashes makes the eye seem more realistic.

Impact: 5 Simply breathtaking. I wish I had the talent you do for this and the amount of color blending is amazing!The feeling of cosmic eyes are not uncommon but this was done with great detail and thought with it.

Vision: 5.0 interesting use of media and color and definitely gets the cosmic/magical whimsical theme across quite nicely.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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